MPG-CAPâ„¢. in Cavinti, Calabarzon for sale

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TO ALL COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS ; (WHO ARE INTERESTED IN SAVING GAS OR DIESEL IN THEIR VEHICLE) – PLS. READ THIS……I am one of a distributor of the first “gaspill” in the Phils. called “MPG-CAP™”. I am inviting everybody to try and test MPG-CAP™ and see for yourself how this product will help you save gasoline or diesel consumption in using your vehicle daily. You can visit my website at . There is no harm in using MPG-CAP™. It will not damage your vehicle’s fuel systems or catalytic converters. It can reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide of your vehicle. It does not contain anything harmful to the engine, gaskets, or seals of your vehicle. It is a 100% organic engine conditioner that simultaneously improves fuel economy and power by creating a micro-thin coating on the combustion chamber in your engine allowing your fuel to burn more efficiently. MPG-CAP™ will also improve the performance of older cars as well.MPG-CAP™ is not a fuel additive. It is a combustion chamber conditioner that improves an engine’s internal combustion process to give you lower emissions, better gas mileage, and better fuel economy. Some fuel additives serve only as “fuel system cleaners” adding detergents, or harmful chemicals that can hurt your engine. MPG-CAPs™ are 100% safe for the environment and for your engine. Any grade of Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, and Ethanol-Gasoline blends may be used. The lower the grade of fuel used, the more noticeable the improvement. MPG-CAP™ should be used with every fill-up.The EPA has reviewed the third-party research report submitted by FFI and consequently registered the product (#201 220 001). The EPA does not endorse, certify, or approve any product.MPG-CAP™ can be used in all diesel or gasoline powered engines such as boats, agricultural equipment, heavy machinery, etc. as well as 2-cycle equipment such as outboard motors, chain saws, lawn mowers, etc. Further, MPG-CAP™ may be used biodiesel fuels and ethanol-gasoline blends.